Request - Small Group and Individual Upcoming Renewals

Mar. 20, 2020

To Local Chapter Leaders and Membership of the Georgia Associations of Health Underwriters:

With the ramifications of COVID-19 and the uncertainty surrounding the infection, we are aware of your concerns involving your group renewals for May and June, as well as individuals that maybe need a special enrollment period (SEP).

We have communicated concerns to the carriers and the Georgia Insurance Commissioner - please see letter provided below.

You will be informed of any action and response we receive.



Mychal H. Walker, Sr., CLTC

President, Georgia Association of Health Underwriters




Georgia Associations of Health Underwriters

 Georgia’s Benefit Specialists 


March 20, 2020


The Honorable John F. King

Commissioner of Insurance

2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. SW.

Atlanta, Georgia 30334


Re: Consumer Health Care Concerns


Dear Commissioner:


As you are well aware, because of COVID-19, each day presents new challenges, as we attempt to navigate the uncertainty and the repercussions of the pandemic. The Georgia Association of Health Underwriters, its' Local Chapters throughout the State of Georgia are in unison, regarding mitigating as much disruption as possible for the health care consumers in our State.


There are several pressing issues that require attention, please see below the areas of concerns we want to put before you and your department.


1) Rates- Several Agents have voiced concern over rate increases that are coming into effect along with renewals. We encourage the Insurance Carriers to place a "Hold" on all rates increases during this time of COVID-19.


2) Renewals- Our Agents are concerned about the inability to meet with employers and employees due to "Social Distancing" that need to renew their policies just to maintain coverage. We are requesting a period of extension that will allow insurance to remain enforce until the " Social Distancing" ban is lifted. Renewals are set to begin April 1, 2020, May 1, 2020, June 1, 2020 and so forth.


3) Special Enrollment Period (SEP) - We would like to have a special enrollment period implemented to assist those seniors that are aging into Medicare and need to meet with an Agent to enroll in a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan. Additionally, there should be a special enrollment period implemented for individuals that need health insurance during this time. Having the ACA Exchange provide a special enrollment period, it would allow them to go ahead and enroll now, rather than having to wait for Open/Annual enrollment in the fall.


4) Premium Payment Extensions- We would like to see the Insurance Carriers provide 60 to 90-day extensions to allow for premiums to be paid. Especially, in light of the fact that President Trump has signed a stimulus package that will distribute checks to individuals beginning April and another check to be distributed in May.


Commissioner King, thank you for your understanding and if our Association or myself can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call on me. We stand ready to assist you.



Mychal H. Walker, Sr., CLTC

President, Georgia Associations of Health Underwriters