NAHU Needs Your Help!

Apr. 14, 2020

WE NEED YOUR HELP PROMOTING the VALUE of AGENTS and the EMPLOYER MARKET during the Coronavirus Pandemic!

Please send us a short video or testimonial on the unique way you are helping your clients during the COVID-19 crisis. These stories will help promote your business as well as highlight the value of using agents and brokers during this global pandemic.

Recently, there has been some very negative press regarding employer insurance during COVID-19.  We think it’s important to also highlight all of the great things employer plans are doing during this pandemic. Here is an example of a very moving testimonial from NAHU Member Scott Wham.

“Every one of my clients’ first thought is to preserve as many benefits as humanly possible for furloughed employees.  It’s actually been a very moving experience to see how hard employers are fighting to protect their employees.” – SCOTT WHAM, NAHU’s Legislative Council Vice Chair

 Members of Congress and the Media are looking for these stories NOW!

 Easy Video Tips

 All you need is your cell phone!  It’s important to record no more than 90 seconds and to speak from your heart because genuine authenticity is what “sells.” Please share with us your unique way of helping your clients through these unpresented times.

 ·       Don’t worry about being fancy or overly “techy”.

·         No fancy recording equipment or lighting is required, or needed. 

·         No captions needed either. 

·         When you see other NAHU member videos on social media it’s important that you like, share, and comment, too. This really helps with engagement! 

Please email your video message or testimonial to NAHU’s SVP of Public Relations Kelly Loussedes at [email protected].  

Thank you in advance for your help with this important campaign! 

Stay healthy and safe,


Kelly Loussedes

Senior Vice President of Public Relations

National Association of Health Underwriters

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